Team Cawdor – Back in the Building

The end of our first week all back together in the building safely and with smiles… check! It’s been a brilliant week having all of our Team Cawdor children and staff reconnecting. The P4-P7 children have demonstrated friendship to one another and have worked hard to readjust back into the building with our children in ELC-P3 being great role models having achieved this a few weeks ago.

P1-P7 Virtual Parent Meetings (April 2021)

With less than two weeks left of term we look ahead to next term. The virtual Parent Meetings that were postponed due to remote learning are going to take place on Tuesday 27th, Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th April 2021, 3.30pm-5.30pm. On Monday 29th March 2021 we will share information on SeeSaw and the website to explain how you sign-up to the Parent Meeting website, and following the spring break the booking system will open for booking appointments. More information to follow – separate arrangements are in place for children in Early Learning and Childcare in another SeeSaw post.

Early Learning and Childcare Sharing Your Child’s Learning (March – May 2021)

This year we have been developing the way that we capture and record our observations of your child’s learning. We shared our developing approach back in November. You can find out more on the following link:

CLICK HERE – Your Child’s Learning – November 2020

We know that formal parent meetings and reports are not the best way to strengthen communication between home and ELC in order to support your child’s development, learning and wellbeing. As our guidance above explains, each week the ELC team have different children that are known as ‘focused children’. The staff team capture detailed observations of your child that week, in addition to the daily ongoing observations that are captured. These are recorded as a Learning Journey.

The week following your child being focused child, the ELC team would like to offer you:

  • the chance to discuss your child’s development, learning and wellbeing
  • with the opportunity to look at your child’s Profile folder
  • time to talk together about how your child’s strengths and areas of development can be nurtured in partnership between home and ELC.

Between March and May, the next time that your child is one of the focused children, you will be offered a physically distanced outdoor meeting with your child’s key worker at drop-off or pick-up time. If these arrangements do not suit, the ELC team will be able to do meetings via Google Meet.

We are trialling this approach this side of the summer in the hope that from August 2021 (with hopefully changed health and safety guidance!), families will have the opportunity to meet with their child’s key worker using this approach three/ four times throughout the year. In line with Highland Council and Education Scotland guidance, this approach replaces the previous parent meeting and reporting formats in ELC, as ongoing discussions around your child’s Profile folder are shown to have increased benefits in supporting your child’s development, learning and wellbeing.

If you’ve any questions you can speak to a member of the ELC team or email

We hope that everyone has a great weekend – I’m sure we’ll all sleep well tonight. Tomorrow sunshine is in the forecast and it is International Happiness Day.

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