School Meals

School dinners are available at Cawdor Primary School at a price of £2.30 per meal (at time of print). A copy of the school menu is on the Highland Council website:

CLICK HERE – School Meals Information

At present, children in P1-P5 are entitled to a free school meal.

Pupils may also choose to bring in a packed lunch from home and in keeping with Highland Council’s Health Promoting Policy, it is the school’s hope that this packed lunch should contain a healthy balanced diet.

Any child wishing to go home for school lunches should indicate this to their class teacher during registration in the morning.

Research shows that eating breakfast helps you concentrate and perform better in school.

Children of parents/guardians receiving certain benefits may be entitled to a free midday meal.   Information and application forms for free school meals may be obtained from school office and from Highland Council website.

The school meal service offers nutritionally balanced, well presented food in an environment that is safe, well ordered and sensitive to the needs of pupils in order that they may enjoy the lunchtime social experience. Healthy choices are very much in evidence in all menus. Food and drinks served meet the requirements of The School (Health Promotion and Nutrition) (Scotland) Act 2007.

CLICK HERE – Lunchtime Experience Guidance (there is separate guidance for ELC is on our ELC policies page).

Special Diet, Food Allergy

If your child requires a special diet for health reasons, please fill in the Special Diet Food Allergy form available on the link below and from the office.  The request will be considered by the head teacher in consultation with the school meals service. Where appropriate, they will seek the advice of the local dietician.

For information and guidance on healthy living topics check out:
CLICK HERE – Healthy Living Guidance

Further information on school meals can be found:
CLICK HERE – Highland Council: School Meals