Numeracy and Mathematics Overview

Whilst children are at Cawdor they follow the Broad General Education (BGE) of Curriculum for Excellence.

Most children will work within each of the Levels for three years:

  • Early Level – Early Learning and Childcare and P1 (for most children)
  • First Level – P2-P4 (for most children)
  • Second Level – P5-P7 (for most children)

In Cawdor, we then plan our curriculum to support your child’s progress within and through each of these Levels. We have created termly overviews to support this which our teachers use to tailor your child’s learning to their strengths and areas of development.

Through our pupil progress meetings with your child’s teacher, as well as opportunities to see your child’s learning through our open afternoons, you will be made aware of your child’s strengths and areas for development, as well as how your child’s learning can be supported at home.

Highland Numeracy have created the following resources to support Numeracy and Mathematics learning at home:

By Curriculum for Excellence Level:

By Theme: