Primary 1 enrolment
Parents may choose to enrol their child to begin school in August if your child’s fifth
birthday falls before the last day in February of the following year. Enrolment of new
Primary 1 pupils take place in January or February and notice of the exact enrolment
dates will be available on the Highland Council website.

CLICK HERE – Primary 1 Enrolment

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Arrangements are made between April and June for the new Primary 1 pupils to
spend some time in school to get to know their new teacher (if possible) and the
school building. Those attending the Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) work alongside Primary 1 throughout
the year as part of the Early Level curriculum.

Early Learning and Childcare enrolment
Enrolment for Early Learning and Childcare takes place in February each year.

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Moving into the Area
It is usually possible to find places for pupils wishing to enrol at other stages in the
school. In the first instance parents should contact the Head Teacher via the school
office for details of available places.

Online enrolment for those moving into the area can be accessed below:
CLICK HERE – Moving into the Area Enrolment

School Placing Requests – Parental Choice
Each school serves its own particular catchment area. Pupils whose homes are
located in that area will have priority in being allocated a place in the school.
However, parents have the right to specify the school in which they wish to place
their child. Application must be made to the Area Education and Learning

Placing request enrolment information can be found below:
CLICK HERE – Placing Request Enrolment

Transportation to and from school for placing request pupils is a parental