Additional Support Needs (ASN)

Early Years Practitioners (EYPS)/ Class Teachers, in conjunction with Additional Support Needs Teachers monitor the progress of pupils with additional support. The needs of such pupils are generally catered for within the normal curriculum but with specialist advice and support as required. If necessary, a child’s plan may be put in place to help plan, organise, monitor and regularly review a child’s progress.  Parents and pupils will be involved in these procedures and in reviews.  More information can be found about the Highland Council model for support and child’s plans at:

Highland Council: Highland Practice Model

Highland Council Coordinated Support Plan

Parents will always be involved in discussions about any additional support being suggested for their child and any need that may be identified within the school.

Highland Council would seek to work in partnership with parents at all times, but sometimes you will have a concern that you don’t feel is being addressed, or will want to talk to someone out with the school. Should you have any concerns that your child’s additional needs are not being met, you should contact the Head Teacher. If your concerns continue, there are a number of means of resolving difficulties and disputes and information on this can be found at:

CLICK HERE – Highland Council Support For Learners

Further information can be found:

(a) Enquire – the Scottish advice and information service for additional support for learning

(b)  My Rights, My Say – an advocacy and advice service for young people over 12 with additional support needs

(c) Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance, an advocacy service to support parents and children

(d) Scottish Child Law Centre, an organisation providing free legal advice to young people.