Remote Learning – Update 22-01-21

The Scottish Government announced earlier this week that remote learning would continue until at least the middle of February, with a review taking place on Tuesday 2nd February 2021. Early Years Practitioners (EYPs) and teachers are planning their approaches to remote learning up until Friday 12th February 2021.

Both SeeSaw and Google Classroom have proven to be useful platforms to support children’s remote learning, and the staff team at Cawdor have continued to make modifications based on the feedback from children and families, whilst following our local and national guidance on remote learning.

As we reach the end of the second week of remote learning I would like to say thank you again to all of our Cawdor children and families for their engagement with their learning. Navigating remote learning, balanced with a range of family and work commitments is no mean feat. I have loved seeing the time that children and families have spent outdoors, cooking together and playing games. These daily interactions develop a range of skills and are hugely beneficial for our wellbeing. Another huge thanks to the staff team at Cawdor who are working exceptionally hard to support remote learning for most of our children at home, and a small group of the children of key workers whose learning is being supervised in school by a skeleton team of EYPs and Pupil Support Assistants. Having now been with the community a few months it is clear that the #TeamCawdor sign above the door is there for a reason!

We look forward to week three of remote learning – have a great weekend,
James (Mr. Cook)

P.S. Since I don’t see you all face-to-face, I thought this little video of spreading kindness was a great way to end another week of Happier January 2021!

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