Cawdor Community Centre Needs You…

Are you interested in joining the Cawdor Community Association and ensuring that the administration of this Centre, along with the income which it generates, remains within your local community?

The Cawdor Community Association was formed more than 10 years ago and, as a number of our existing members approach their five-year tenure, we are looking for new Committee members to join on a voluntary basis from June 2022.

These varied roles involve meeting approximately 4 times per year, distributing funding to local groups and include the planning & organisation of exciting and well-attended events for the community.

We need you – the Committee requires key roles to be filled and a minimum quorum of members in order to function.  If a minimum cannot be reached, then the future of the Committee, Centre, and the groups which it has served for a decade, may potentially be in jeopardy.  In the absence of the Cawdor Community Association due to insufficient numbers, administration of the Centre would fall to The Highland Council and standard rent/hire pricing would be implemented.  The standard Highland Council bands are significantly higher than those currently set by the local Committee and would be unaffordable to the majority of groups using the Centre.  Additionally, in this scenario, none of the rental revenue generated from the Centre would remain within the local community for distribution.

Retain control of the administration of your Community Centre by becoming a member of the Cawdor Community Association from June 2022.

A meeting will be arranged early June in the Cawdor Community Centre for those who are interested in joining.  Current user group representatives are strongly encouraged to attend.

Any questions/queries from interested parties in the interim period can email the CCA treasurer –

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