Week 2 Green Menu Choices – CHANGE to Thursday and Fridays

When we are on week 2 of the menu, the following menu will be in place on Week 2 Thursdays and Fridays (the vegetarian options on Thursdays and Fridays swapping):

  • Thursday 19th and Friday 20th August
  • Thursday 9th and Friday 10th September
  • Thursday 30th September and Friday 1st October

Early Learning and Childcare:

Option 1: Roast Beef
Option 2: Veggie Curry

Option 1: Chicken Curry
Option 2: Vegetable Lasagne

P1 – P7

ORANGE: Roast Beef
GREEN: Veggie Curry
BLUE: Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich and Soup

ORANGE: Chicken Curry
GREEN: Vegetable Lasagne
BLUE: Tuna Sandwich and Soup

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